Colombian Caribbean Festival 2019 at Mix’Art Myrys, Toulouse

Time is up, on 22nd June 2019, the Picós phenomenon, Caribbean Colombian Coast sound systems, invades Toulouse at Mix’Art Myrys!

Colombian Caribbean Music Festival

As a follow-up to  the French ‘fête de la musique’, several Toulousians communities offer to bring you on board of an immersive trip through the popular urban culture of the Colombian coast.


Firstly, let me give you an event overview:

la maquina musical del Caribe (the musical Caribbean machine),

– the ‘Hasta Abajo’ exhibition from the photographer Leslie Moquin,

– the live graff painting with Latino Graff,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– a music set compiled by DJ Galletas Calientes and local DJ No Breakfast. They are meeting for the first time on stage!


Secondly, let’s talk about the tropical DJ Galletas Calientes (Colombia/France) coming directly from the Caribbean Colombian Coast for everyone’s delight!

►►Galletas Calientes Records label creator, he honours us as a DJ within the ‘Mas I Mas’ Parisian community since the middle of the 1990s. Techno/Drum and bass DJ at first, he is also currently interested in the traditional folk and electro music fusion…
Since he lives in Colombia, his music culture is enhanced with Latin and tropical rhythms. He collaborates with labels and artists at the forefront of the Colombian stage such as:

  • Systema Solar,
  • Meridian Brothers,
  • Palenque Records,
  • Sonidos Enraizados…

For this festival, he offers you a trip through frenzied rhythms around a set coming directly from the best Picós of the Colombian Caribbean Coast!

And with him, the unmissable and legendary local DJ No Breakfast we no longer introduce due to his reputation of vinyl’s digger and music nights entertainer in the pink town of Toulouse.

►► DJ No Breakfast offers us a wonderful Caribbean set on his vinyl collector discs.


Then let’s move on to a more detailed programme.

►► 7 pm:

  • Champeta’ dance entertainment by Anika. Champeta is a Caribbean Colombian Music of African influence. I’m afraid I do not have videos of this, as I came to the event at 9 pm. But I have filmed their music performance!
  • A fresco from a collaboration between Colombian artist Soma and a local artist Natsvit.
  • ‘Hasta Abajo!’ is a series of street posters at the image of the Picó nights announcers. They are produced by the photographer Leslie Moquin in partnership with Locombia Festival.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

►► 9 pm: The ‘Picó’ documentary: the Caribbean music machine. It is about the ‘Picó’ culture, sound system from the Colombian Caribbean coast.

It is worth noting the film is a finalist at the Sundance London Film and Music Festival 2019. This highly recommended film has been produced by Roberto de Zubiria and Sergio Zaraza.

►►10.30 pm: DJs sets start

Colombian Caribbean Festival

►►12 pm: Video Mapping by Felipe Vargas, the Caribbean Mapper:


Thirdly, here is the overall programme of the main events:

  • 7-9 pm: Doors opening and Latino Graff Walls
  • 9 pm: Film screening
  • 10 pm: Champeta music
  • 10.30pm: DJ sets start
  • 12 pm: Video mapping.

Furthermore, please take note of the festival location:

Mix’Art Myrys, Rue Ferdinand Lasalle 43, Toulouse.

Also, what else to find?

  • refreshment and catering areas
  • market stalls of Colombian Caribbean souvenirs such as these dolls:

Colombian Caribbean Festival

5. Organisers and partners

Finally, a big thank you to all the following partners who made this festival possible!


Word Up Gala, a hip-hop and spoken word festival at Bernard Shaw

On Sunday 18th February 2018, I came across an event information about Word Up Gala, a hip-hop and spoken word festival in Dublin through my regular event guide newsletter. Since I had no particular plans, I decided to head off to it in the evening.

Word Up Gala poster

Like all events I have been to so far at the Bernard Shaw, I really enjoyed it! ♥ It showcased beautifully different hip-hop artists, both singers and DJs. 🎤

I have recorded the performances I watched that night.

The first Word Up Gala performance was from the singer-songwriter King David (David Phillips) who sang and did some spoken word, too.

King David

King David is a 20-year-old hip-hop/grime artist from Hackney, London.

He has spent most of his life in Dublin, Ireland. He considers himself an inspirational and uplifting musician who seeks to inspire young people with his personal experiences.

If you like his music, you can follow him on Instagram. You can also book him through his website.

For both video and audio to play, click on the image. You can add all audio tracks in this post to your Audiomack playlist or download them for free.

The second Word Up Gala performance was from singer-songwriter Zachary Ajala aka Sequence.


Zach was born on 23rd July 1996 in London, in the suburbs of Greenwich. Zach has both Nigerian and French backgrounds. He then moved to Ireland at the age of 5, where he was raised.  

In 2011, Zach started writing lyrics under the “lil Zach” name. In August 2012, he changed his name to”Sequence” and decided to become a rapper. He said he has been influenced by rappers such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky and Hopsin.

In 2011, Zach had a lot of lyrics but did not have anything to record with. In May 2012 he released his first single Called “It’s On”. 

If you like his music, you can follow him either on Facebook or Instagram.

Finally, I live streamed via the last DJ playing at the event.

DJ D.O.G is an Irish DJ from Dublin, who has played for different radio stations such as Classic Hits 4FM, Sunshine 106.8, FM104, Q102.

He also plays in many pubs and nightclubs in Dublin, and on regular basis in:

  • Everleigh Garden, Dublin (Resident – Wednesdays & Fridays)
  • Zozimus Bar, Dublin (Resident – Twice a month)
  • Brick Lane, Cork (Resident – Once a month).

You can follow DJ D.O.G on FacebookInstagram or YouTube.

And you, have you attended this event? If so, if you would like your pictures of videos to be featured in this post, email them to Alternatively, you can paste the link(s) directly in the comment box below.

Fehdah band: Live Show, Niwel Tsumbu Sounds and Afrobeat Club


First of all, I won tickets for the Fehdah band live show with Niwel Tsumbu Sounds and Afrobeats Club in February 2018.

It was a lively and entertaining night with afro music ruling it!


Secondly, the night started with guest Niwel Tsumbu. He is a Congolese guitarist playing sounds derived from rhumba, soukous, jazz, etc.

On that night, Irish djembé player Eamonn Cagney accompanied him.

If you like his music, like his Facebook fan page or follow him on Instagram.

Fehdah band


Then, came the main act, Fehdah and her live soulful afrobeat band.

Fehdah’s band lead and singer, Emma Garnett, previously sang for the Manden Express band. However, she recently concretised her dream to create her own afro neo-soul band.

If you like her music, like her Facebook fan page.

Fehdah band

Last but not least, here are the audio recordings of:

If you like DJ Jay’s music, follow him on his Facebook page!

Fehdah band

Finally, enjoy the last video of DJ Jay Ireland!

Dance2Connect international urban festival Dublin 2018

What is Dance2Connect?

First of all, Dance2Connect is an International Urban Dance Festival, which ran over 3 days early February 2018.

All the more so, the festival showcased:

  • dance theatre
  • masterclasses
  • dance battles
  • social dance
  • live jams.

Dance2Connect programme

Furthermore, the festival was curated by dance artist Matt Szczerek as well as presented by himself and Matthew Williamson.

What is Dance2Connect’s mission?

Secondly, the festival’s mission is to preserve and strengthen urban dance in our communities through Hip-Hop culture and dance theatre’s elements.

Indeed, the festival creates opportunities for the dance community to learn the intricacies of the dance form.

As far as learning it, they can do so through:

  • workshops
  • performances
  • exchanges with high-quality Eu professional dancers.

What were the Dance2Connect’s partners?

Thirdly, the festival organisers partnered with Tallaght Community Arts. Additionally, they received support from Noise Dublin and South Dublin County Council.

As yet, in order to keep up-to-date with their next festival, like their Facebook fan page.

Dance2Connect shows and partners
So, now, let me start sharing with you the dance theatre shows running order:

Dance2Connect theatre shows running order


So, I filmed some of the dance theatre acts. Keep in mind that these YouTube and Instagram videos are in portrait mode. Consequently, I recommend you to watch them on your mobile phone.

For that, wait few seconds for the Instagram videos to load.  Then, click on the images to play the videos. I hope you will still enjoy these snippets.

In addition to these shows, there was also a Q&A between the dancers and the public.  You can see its overall picture below.

Dance2Connect Q&A session

To top it up, this first day ended with a live jam. You can enjoy the below audio-only track from it.

Last but not least, the second day of the festival focused on dance workshops by professional dancers from different hip-hop styles.

Dance2Connect workshops

Then, the festival was wrapped up with dance battles.

Finally, the following live streams come from Ibrahim Kennedy. He has filmed some of the judges’ showcases and dance battles.

And now, let’s get down to the battles between the different participants:


















Comment maîtriser l’accent Irlandais en s’amusant

Vous avez toujours voulu maîtriser l’Anglais? Vous rêvez de venir passer quelques temps en Irlande et apprendre l’accent irlandais?

accent irlandais

Tout d’abord, vous devez savoir que l’accent irlandais ainsi que les expressions irlandaises diffèrent beaucoup d’autres pays anglo-saxons. Curieux d’en savoir plus afin de vous y préparer à l’avance? Alors, vous êtes tombés au bon endroit!


Bien que l’accent puisse être différent de ce que vous avez eu l’habitude d’apprendre, cela ne signifie pas qu’il est nécessairement incompréhensible et encore moins que vous ne puissez pas vous faire comprendre.

De plus, nos amis les Irlandais sont des gens sociables, communicatifs et beaucoup plus patients que nos amis Britanniques. S’ils voient que vous n’êtes pas du coin, ils feront plus d’efforts pour se faire comprendre.


Bon, rentrons dans le vif du sujet. Commençons par les choses sérieuses et on terminera avec plus de vidéos divertissantes. 

Ce que vous devez savoir, c’est que l’accent irlandais est très influencé par la langue gaélique. En effet, certaines lettres ne sont pas prononcées ou prononcées différemment.  Aussi, pour paraître convaincants, vous aurez besoin d’ajouter un nouveau lexique à votre vocabulaire avec des prononciations, des mots et expressions typiquement irlandaises.

Alors, commençons par les explications écrites plus techniques et ensuite, je partagerai avec vous des vidéos sérieuses et aussi rigolotes.

accent irlandais

1. Maîtriser la prononciation irlandaise 

En matière de prononciation des lettres, voici ce qu’il faut retenir (vidéo à la fin de cette section):

  • Adoucir et allonger les voyelles

Avec l’accent Irlandais, on prononce le ‘A’ comme ‘ah’ ou ‘aw’, que ce soit en début, milieu et fin de mot.

Par exemples:

– La question traditionnelle ‘How are you?’ devient prononcée comme ‘Ha-ware-ya?’

-Le son  dans ‘night’, ‘like’ et le ‘I’, est prononcé comme ‘oi’ (oil). Pensez aux mots ‘Ireland/Irish’ comme ‘Oireland/Oirish’.

  • Durcir les consonnes

-Certains Irlandais changent la prononciation des mots ‘think’, ‘that’ en ‘tink’ et ‘dat’. Ceci est une influence de la langue gaélique.

  • L’absence de prononciation de la lettre ‘G’ à la fin des mots

La langue Anglaise a plein de mots se terminant par ‘-ing’. Ne prononcez pas le ‘g’. Ainsi ‘morning’ devient ‘mornin’. Dans l’accent ou le dialect pauvre de certains quartiers de Dublin, les sons finaux sont complètements éliminés. ‘Sound’ devient ‘soun’.

  • La prononciation des ‘R’ 

Come vous le savez, de manière générale, le ‘R’ en Anglais n’est pas prononcé.

  • Accentuer le lyrisme dans votre intonation, c’est-à-dire adopter un accent/son un peu chantant.

Un bon plan pour commencer une phrase est d’augmenter légèrement votre ton naturel, baisser le ton en milieu de phrase et le relever légèrement en fin de phrase.

2. Connaître les expressions irlandaise

Voici la traduction de 15 expressions les plus communes:

  • It’s grand‘/’I’m grand‘: Cela vait dire ‘C’est bien/Je vais bien’ (It’s fine/I’m fine en Anglais Britannique)
  • The Gaff‘: Cela veut dire ‘la maison’ (the house/home). Exemple de phrase: “I’m doing a party this weekend for my birthday at my gaff. Do you join?”
  • ‘The Craic’: Cela veut dire le divertissement (‘the fun’ en Anglais Britannique). Exemple de phrase: “We had a great craic last night at the pub.” ou “What’s the craic” qui signifie ‘Comment vas-tu?’.
  • Lads‘: Cela veut dire les garçons, les potes. Exemple de phrase: “I had a great time with the lads yesterday”
  • Arseways‘: Faire quelque chose de manière incorrecte ou quelque chose tourne mal.
  • The Press’: Ceci est l’équivalent d’un placard (‘cupboard’ en Anglais Britannique). Exemple de phrase: “Hold on now till I get the biscuits from the press.”
  • Wrecked’/’knackered‘: Etre crevé(e), exténué. Exemple de phrase: “We were out last night until half six this mornin’. I’m wrecked now though.”
  • The Guards‘: La police, qui est appelée en Irlande la ‘Garda’. Exemple de phrase: “We may turn down music down, and tell John to get off the roof! The neighbours will have the guards on us any minute.”
  • The boot‘: C’est le coffre d’une voiture. Exemple de phrase: “Is anyone able to come help me bring in the shopping from the boot?”
  • Minerals‘: Ce sont les boissons sucrées. Exemple de phrase: “You can’t drink because you driving? Well sure you’ll have a mineral instead!”
  • Chips‘:  En Irlande, les ‘chips’ sont des ‘crisps’ et les frites sont des ‘chips’.Exemple de phrase: “Here love, fancy a bag’a chips?”
  • Ossified‘: Cela veut dire être bourré. Exemple de phrase: “Lord God, you were fairly ossified last night, weren’t you?”
  • Was it any use?’: Cela veut juste dire ‘C’était bien’ (Was it any good?).  Example de phrase: “We headed into town for a few last night.” “Was it any use?”
  • Donkey’s years‘: Ceci est utilisé comme une référence de temps. Cela veut dire qu’on n’a aucune idée de la durée ou de la date à laquelle un é vènement a eu lieu tellement c’est lointain. Exemple de phrase: “You’re all very welcome to Lisnabuntry, we haven’t had this big a crowd here in donkey’s years.”
  • That dose is goin’ round‘: Cela veut dire que si vous ne portez pas un pull (appelé ‘jumper’ en Irlande), vous risquez d’attraper la même maladie que tous les autres comme une grippe ou un coup de froid, par exemple. Exemple de phrase: “Oh God help him, but sure that dose is goin’ round.”
  • Do the washing‘: Cela veut dire faire la lessive, laver vos vêtements. Exemple de phrase:  “There’s great drying today, so I got up at half six to do the washing and get it out on the line nice and early.”

Vous trouverez plus d’expressions dans cet article. Il est évident qu’il y en a plein d’autres comme celles-ci.

Ecoutez quelques expressions expliquées par des Irlandais:

Vous voulez entendre comme les Irlandais de différentes régions parlent? Cela vient, ne vous inquiétez pas!

3. Les différents accents du pays

Dans un premier temps, je vous partage un guide général des accents régionaux et ensuite des vidéos plus rigolotes sur certains accents. Comme vous pourrez le constater, les accents varient beaucoup d’une région à une autre. Il arrive même parfois que les Irlandais entre eux ne se comprennent pas.


  • Le guide général des accents
  • L’accent de Dublin
  • L’accent du Donegal (Nord-Ouest de la République d’Irlande)
  • L’accent de Derry (Irlande du Nord)
  • L’accent de Belfast (Irlande du Nord)
  • L’accent de Cork (Sud-Est) à partir de 0:44 minute par ce comédien très connu en Irlande

Hotter than July World Music Festival (2017) in Dublin, Ireland


This year, the Hotter than July Festival has been organised by:

  • Improvised Music Company
  • Big Bang Festival
  • and Dublin City Council.

Hotter than July Festival

Unfortunately, on the day, it was pretty rainy, so I missed part of it for this reason! ☔

However, I listened to and filmed the last 3 bands who performed at the event! 😃😉

If any of you have filmed other bands, feel free to share the links in the comment box! 👍

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures!


It is one of Africa’s leading traditional drumming groups. Kakatsitsi performs rhythms and chants from a variety of West African cultures in a modern funky style.

They are originally from Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.

You can follow them on Facebook or on this website.


Although I had filmed live the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers, the video didn’t save on my phone. 😞

So, let me share with you a video of them taken at a different event. They gave a very similar performance at Hotter than July festival.

Do you start feeling the heat? 🔥

Well, this continued throughout the afternoon. All bands were really energetic and good!


Now it’s the turn of Manden Express, the Irish based band. I uploaded a video of them just for you on YouTube! 🎁💗

You can follow them on Facebook or on their website.

Finally, the last band La Chiva Gantiva spent literally their stage time jumping around! 💪


La Chiva Gantiva is a frenetic carnival‐punk racket. It detonates like a Molotov cocktail of:

  • rock
  • rap
  • soul
  • and ferociously funky Latin rhythms.

The band formed in Brussels (Belgium) by three Colombian immigrants, who met around a percussion kit. They wanted to produce an original music and assert their cultural roots.

Present La Chiva Gantiva’s members are from:

  • Colombia
  • Vietnam
  • Belgium
  • and Chile.

I’m sharing you video snippets as well as an audio track of the entire song!

You can follow them on Facebook or on their website.

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‘Oldskool’ hip-hop cover band live recording at The Sugar Club, Dublin

During the 2017 Saint Patrick’s weekend, we had the pleasure to be entertained by a 7 piece oldskool hip-hop cover band playing live in Dublin. The band joined the dots from The Sugar Hill to Dr Dre to Eminem.

For the old school hip-hop music nostalgic who couldn’t attend, you’ll be able to catch up with these oh so lovely oldskool tunes in videos!🎶✌

If you’d like to follow them, give them a like on Facebook! 👍

oldskool hip-hop


If you don’t quite know what defines old school hip-hop music, check this article:

Now, let me start with a snippet of their show recorded on Instagram. If you like it, follow me back on Instagram! 😘


If you are in Ireland for 2018 St Patrick’s weekend, you are lucky! The band will be performing again this Saturday at The Sugar Club, Dublin! You can book your tickets here or on their website mentioned below.

Oldskool hip-hop


Want to know more how they sound? Then watch these videos below. They were recorded live on Periscope on @emelinej1 (Twitter live streaming service) and Facebook live.

But I have edited them a bit and uploaded them to YouTube just for you!😎😉

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Prince Tribute: Sign o’the Times live concert and DJ set

I hope you have celebrated well new year’s eve!🍾🎉 I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2017!😘🍀🌟🎊



For my part, I decided to celebrate new year’s eve a little bit in advance!😂 I went to this tribute to Prince with DJ Al Murphy playing lots of Prince’s tunes and then watched the live recording of his 1987 Sign o’ the Times tour on Friday 30th December 2016 at The Sugar Club, Dublin (Ireland).

You can find more information about it on this  event page:


Here are recordings in picture and audio of the DJ’s act.

Prince Tribute

Now, I’d like to share with you some videos taken at the event. I would like to apologise if the last video’s soundtrack isn’t from Prince! I experienced few technical issues trying to publish a live YouTube video and it ended up recording the visuals without the sound!🤔😤  So I picked a nice song in a similar style to add to the video.🙂😉 Anyway, I hope you will enjoy them!

vocal techniques

How to become a singer with good vocal techniques

While flicking through YouTube, I discovered amazing videos about vocal techniques. I created this guide to help you use your voice effectively to sing better while sparing your voice.


So, for those who aren’t familiar with vocal techniques and notes, I’d recommend you to start reading this article on Wikipedia. This will give you a better understanding of what will be talked about later on in this blog post.

But what are the different vocal ranges for men and women?

Take a look!  Depending on your voice type, some notes will be easier or harder to hit.

However, if you don’t know what’s your voice range is, don’t worry. This video will help you figure it out. Note this is both suitable for men and women.


As a matter of fact, some singers are able to sing higher notes or even have a whistle register. Yet they may use improper vocal techniques resulting in voice damages over time.

As a result, they can’t hit the same notes they used to. Although, with better practice, they may recover part of their register. Here are few examples of singers who damaged their voice :


Therefore, let’s me explain you to what is considered good or bad techniques.

First of all, let’s start with what a bad technique is. It is a lack of singing warming-up and over-pushing some of the notes, often distinguished by a lack of breath support and throaty sound.

Additionally, please find below other examples of bad techniques:

Instead, why vocal technique matters so much? This video explains you why.

Accordingly, what is a good vocal technique? 

It’s an unstrained, controlled and consistent voice accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. But, how do singers get good voices? Well, they have a dedicated vocal coach to train their voices for performances or studio recordings.

Contrarily, this video shows you what is bad or good technique (starting at 1.09 minute):



Consequently, to develop your singing skills, start with a good vocal warming-up.

Obviously, you may want to start with warming-up basics for yourself at this stage!


Moreover, you need to be aware of your voice placement and tone/timber:


Finally, here are few tips on how to get a more powerful and consistent voice.

Do you have other tips to share with us?