Music Competition for a Ford Dodge Dart advertising campaign

A good while ago I came across a music competition run on Ford’s Facebook fan page.

Although I wasn’t much interested in the car company, I still decided to enter the competition, in order to discover new artists and vote for my favourite ones.

The final winner was the one that had the highest voting counts received by fans during the competition. His/her music would then be advertised in a Ford advertising campaign.

In the voting process, I have been able to download free rn’b and hip hop tracks like DeShaude “Can’t Rush Love” and Saiah “V.I.P”. These can be found on Youtube or Itunes. Through MySpace, you can also listen to their playlists and also demand the artist to come and give a concert in your town!

So, while I haven’t continued liking the Ford page, I must say it was an effective way to promote new emerging artists. However, I’m very little convinced that Ford got much more than a short-term attention!

And you, have you discovered recently new artists through a similar campaign ? If so, share your experience with us!

A foretaste of Electric Picnic with FREE djs competition nights at the Tripod, Dublin

To get you into the mood of the so much anticipated ecletic and family Electric Picnic Festival, an organisation called Banquet is organising djs competition nights with mixes based on hip-hop, indie and alternative this month.

So, this is a call to all djs based in Ireland who would like to enter into this competition and win a place to play at the Electric Picnic, all you need to do is to make a mixtape, post it onto the Banquet facebook page and the 4 mixes with the most Likes by 26th August will go into the final!

To find the Banquet facebook page, please click on the following link:!/banquetdublin.

The first dj night is starting tonight at Tripod, check out this event page for further information:!/event.php?eid=137751936312535.

Best of luck to all djs and for all night-goers, enjoy the shows and the drinks promotions !