Hotter than July World Music Festival (2017) in Dublin, Ireland


This year, the Hotter than July Festival has been organised by:

  • Improvised Music Company
  • Big Bang Festival
  • and Dublin City Council.

Hotter than July Festival

Unfortunately, on the day, it was pretty rainy, so I missed part of it for this reason! ☔

However, I listened to and filmed the last 3 bands who performed at the event! 😃😉

If any of you have filmed other bands, feel free to share the links in the comment box! 👍

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures!


It is one of Africa’s leading traditional drumming groups. Kakatsitsi performs rhythms and chants from a variety of West African cultures in a modern funky style.

They are originally from Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.

You can follow them on Facebook or on this website.


Although I had filmed live the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers, the video didn’t save on my phone. 😞

So, let me share with you a video of them taken at a different event. They gave a very similar performance at Hotter than July festival.

Do you start feeling the heat? 🔥

Well, this continued throughout the afternoon. All bands were really energetic and good!


Now it’s the turn of Manden Express, the Irish based band. I uploaded a video of them just for you on YouTube! 🎁💗

You can follow them on Facebook or on their website.

Finally, the last band La Chiva Gantiva spent literally their stage time jumping around! 💪


La Chiva Gantiva is a frenetic carnival‐punk racket. It detonates like a Molotov cocktail of:

  • rock
  • rap
  • soul
  • and ferociously funky Latin rhythms.

The band formed in Brussels (Belgium) by three Colombian immigrants, who met around a percussion kit. They wanted to produce an original music and assert their cultural roots.

Present La Chiva Gantiva’s members are from:

  • Colombia
  • Vietnam
  • Belgium
  • and Chile.

I’m sharing you video snippets as well as an audio track of the entire song!

You can follow them on Facebook or on their website.

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Traditional West African live shows at Festival Rare Talents 2016

Traditional West African Music

First of all, I managed to catch two performances of Traditional West African music bands at Festival Rare Talents.

Secondly, it was the festival’s closing performances on Saturday 28th May 2016 in Montreuil (Paris). I’m glad I didn’t miss them! I truly enjoyed the performances!

Traditional West African Music

Traditional West African BANDs

The support band was Ibrahim Keita and Nankama from Burkina Faso.

The main band was Sékouba Bambino from Guinea. The latter band is composed of:

  • Sékouba as lead singer,
  • a choir from Mali
  • and musicians from Sénégal.

To know more about these respective bands, check their Facebook pages:

Sékouba has a little biography in English here:


Finally, I haven’t taken pictures at the event. But don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of videos!

Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté 2014 Global Tour and Interview

Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté

First of all, if you like traditional Malian music from Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté, this is the post for you!

Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté


Indeed, highly respected father-and-son duo Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté team to record an album of unaccompanied duets for the kora, the ancient 21-string harp of West Africa are a please to listen to.

As you may know, over the years, Toumani Diabaté has established himself as the instrument’s modern master. Sidiki Sr. takes over his father’s skills. He records the first ever kora album in 1970.

While Sidiki Sr. is deeply rooted in the traditional music of his native Mali, Toumani brings the kora to the rest of the world. Toumani pushes the boundaries of his creativity by collaborating with artists of many different genres.

Toumani’s eldest son Sidiki also plays the kora. He is also a well-known drummer and beat programmer in his country, where he works with Malian rapper Iba One. But, while hip-hop is one of his passions, Sidiki still respects the mesmerising and complex instrument of his lineage.

Indeed, in 2013, they record a duet at London’s RAK Studios with World Circuit team. The album’s songs are deeply obscure kora pieces as well as Mande classics from Mali played with a contemporary approach.

Furthermore, check these links to:

  • find out more about their collaboration
  • download their music.


You can track and receive a notification on their next touring dates with Songkick. Nonetheless,  they may not collaborate together on each album. Notably, at present, they are not performing together.

Finally, check these videos below to:

  • get a snippet of their recorded music collaboration
  • know how a kora instrument is made.

If you have already attended any concerts, what did you think of them?

Manden Express and Ghanian dancer guest live performances in Dublin (2014)


Manden Express is a thrillingly explosive Dublin-based international band. It fuses traditional and contemporary styles of West African music from the Mande Empire (Mali),  alongside infectious Afrobeat rhythms.


Manden Express is inspired by Wassalou (Oumou Sangare) styles and the explosion of new musical influences that merged with African music in the 1960′s.

They blend:

  • kamele n’goni
  • harp,
  • Kora,
  • djembé,
  • drums

with electric bass and guitar to produce stomping grooves and hypnotic time patterns.


The band went through a singer change. Indeed, Emma who used to be the band lead singer is now leading her own neo-soul band called Fehdah‘.

This is how the new Manden Express band looks like now. You can view their last year’s performance with their updated line-up at Hotter than July’s festival.

Manden Express


I attended two of their live performances at the Sugar Club, Dublin on July and August 2014.

They had a special guest Godfred Asare, a Ghanian dancer, who accompanied them at their first show.

You may want to check their blog and their Facebook fan page for upcoming shows.

Enjoy the below pictures and videos from the events!