Brilliant Hip Hop Online Clothing and Shoes Store with worldwide shipping options

While reading a post from Hip Hop International’s Facebook fan page, I came across a great website, where one can buy hip hop clothing. Although this website has now closed, one can still buy a very good brand, which was on sale at that time, namely Urban Empire.

I ordered a tracksuit (sweatpants) made by Urban Empire. I must say I really do not regret it as the fabric quality, pricing, handling/shipping times were all outstanding! Besides, the clothes are pretty warm (fleece) without being bulky and fit perfectly.

So, whether you come from Europe like me or from the States, you can find what you are looking for. If you choose Fedex as a shipping method, you will receive your order within 4-5 days! Just bear in mind the US sizes are little different from the European ones.

Indeed, as mentioned above, sizes are different. As a rule of thumb, especially when it comes to sportswear, American sizes are one size bigger than European ones. If you wish to be entirely sure you are choosing the right one, i recommend you find the chart sizes of the brand you are interested in. It will give you the measurements in both inches and centimetres, so that you can check what it corresponds to.

For example, if you are looking to buy a sportswear trouses (ie sweatpants or bottoms) from Urban Empire, you can go on their official website. Then, you will choose the product type you are interested in and will very likely find the chart sizes, like at the below link:

Finally, if you live in the European Union and do not want to risk any extra custom charges, you can consider one of these shops (except the Michael Jackson style, which is just a photo I took of someone at Juste Debout event):

Hope you will find this article interesting. Do not hesitate to comment on this post if you have any questions!

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