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Content Marketing Tips and Strategies from Emma Boylan’s company ‘Outside the Box’

First of all, thanks to all attendees for coming to this event advertised on Eventbrite website. Most importantly special thanks to Emma Boylan from ‘Outside the Box’ for coming to talk to us at Bank of Ireland Grand Canal Square venue in Dublin (Ireland) about Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Networking Event with Outside the BoxContent Marketing Networking Event with Outside the Box

Content Marketing Networking Event with Outside the Box

Secondly, let me talk to you a bit about Emma’s journey and story before going down to the content marketing piece.

Emma went a trip to Australia, where she did all kind of jobs. Then, she got back to work in Ireland. She left her 9 to 5 job four years ago to fulfill her dream of starting her own business.

She set up her ‘Outside the Box’ company when she saw that most marketing was all the same. She realised that businesses were really struggling to attract the right clients and have a message that made them different. At the beginning, she learnt a lot by doing. However, she started implementing a business plan about 2 years ago. She highly recommended you to have a plan when you get started so that you stay focused and motivated to reach your goals.

Using her passion for creative content and background in psychology, Emma has helped 100’s of businesses get crystal clear on their message to get them noticed and fill their businesses with clients in record time! So, I hope this will help you, too!

Please find below the talk topics and her visual presentation:

Thirdly, I will detail a little more the explanations she gave beyond the slides themselves (transcript) so that you can understand them in the right context.

Step 1: To find the right client with the right message, focus on actually taking actions and avoiding procrastination.

Step 2: when you go about looking for clients, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is your target market?
  • What are their problems?

In all means, always make sure you are being your unique self. Don’t copy others as clients will notice this and it will appear unauthentic.

Step 3: Once you have done your research, start meeting people like you. Tell your unique story, that should answer the ‘Why’ and the ‘What’ about your business. Keep in mind that your story matters more than offering discounts. Emma suggested not to offer too many discounts to attract customers. Instead, give something people need and that they will buy. Indeed, your company must resonate with their needs and offer solutions to their problems.

Step 4: Create your branding message. For that purpose, keep in mind that people, in general, have the attention span of a goldfish, so you need to be brief in your message to grab their attention. When creating your message, you need to focus on your business benefits in 10 seconds. Yes, you read it correctly, your benefits and not so much your features!

Step 5: Think about the results you want to get. A good way to deliver an outstanding message is to reflect on the top 10 problems and solutions you can offer to a client. Again, it’s all about the client, so your content should revolve around him/her!

Step 5: Write a first marketing plan. This doesn’t need to be lengthy but instead highly focused on your goals. For example, ask yourself: ‘how many clients do you need to make X Euros? How many clients per week do I need to get?’ In other terms, focus on your Return on Investment (ROI). Do not worry if it’s not 100 % perfect, you can always revise it as the time goes on and your business evolves.

Step 6: Be social and engaging. It’s not all about how many followers you have but rather how engaged they are. You need to increase the quality of organic followers by measuring your engagement rate on your social posts.

Step 7: Be clear in your message about what you want your clients to do. In other terms, lead people by the hand by providing a clear call-to-action. Do not ask questions that may bring a ‘no’ answer.

Step 8: Represent your own self in your brand. People buy from people. So, be out there in picture or video. People want to get to know you, see who you are and feel connected to you. For example, a photography frame business taking pictures of themselves with their framed photography will see better results than just publishing the framed photography on its own. Your imagination costs nothing, so don’t be afraid to be different and unique!

Step 9: To be remembered, you must focus on creating habits and showcasing what people know you for and people will follow. So, be consistent in your posting schedule and allocate regular time to stick to it. If your followers are used to see your video every Tuesday, make sure you post your video each Tuesday.

Want to get more marketing tips? Register for FREE and come along to the next event on Tuesday 21st November 2017 to learn how to use SEO & Digital marketing to grow your website traffic.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging and Social Media Marketing for other marketing companies

I am currently working for a branding agency called Anarium, for which I am guest blogging. In other terms, I write on their behalf Marketing Business to Business blog posts (B2B) on any topics related to 'Branding'. 

I also create and share posts for their Social Media Accounts, namely Instagram and Twitter.

Guest Blogging on Branding
3dman_eu / Pixabay

What is Anarium Agency?

Gjuest Blogging for Anarium Boutique Naming Agency
StockSnap / Pixabay

It is a Boutique Naming, Branding and Brand Communication and Consultancy Agency based in London (United Kingdom). 

It caters both for startups and established businesses from across a range of industries.

Anarium Agency is expert in:

  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity and Brand Communication.

Anarium has worked extensively for clients such as:

  • Nespresso,
  • Cardio Legend
  • Found Generation
  • The Glass Pineapple
  • Updown Cork Restaurant
  • Huddle Pin
  • Shower with me...

You can also find and follow Anarium Agency on:Social Media Marketing - Twitter account for Anarium Agency


Social Media Marketing - Instagram account for Anarium Agency


Guest Blogging for marketing company: Anarium Agency
geralt / Pixabay

In the below section, you will find all blog posts written for them.

Just click on the arrow symbol to access the posts.


Accommodation in Dublin, Ireland / Logement à Dublin, Irlande



Accommodation Logement Dublin

There is an accommodation crisis in Ireland, and particularly in Dublin. It is therefore very difficult to find an apartment (or house). Rental prices are extremely high.

Consequently, if you are living abroad and planning to move to Dublin, prepare yourself ahead of your departure flight.

First of all, depending on your budget, make sure you book in advance a room in a Hostel or Bed & Breakfast or Hotel in advance.

Remember that it can get very booked out at weekends or during special events.

Plan a week or even two of short-term accommodation to give you time to find a more permanent place. It will save you from unnecessary stress!

For all accommodation types below, you can check their ratings and book accordingly.

Then, when you look for a place to stay for few months or years, be open-minded!

Search both in the center and around. Here is an article explaining the division of Dublin into districts

Check as well these sites to see if public transports are within your reach:

Think about checking directions and distances on Google Maps.

Accommodation Logement Dublin

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

When you arrive, I know that your first reaction is to get the cheapest place. But don't go for that, or you may end up in an unsafe place.

Places that I would avoid are:

  • Dublin 1 in some quarters quite Northern. Closer to the rivers, it's generally ok.                     

  • Dublin 8 towards Portobello and Kilmainham or Houston Station   

  • Outside city centre: Mulhuddart, Tallaght, Finglas, Ballyfermot, Crumlin, Clondalkin.

If you want to save a bit of money by dealing directly with landlords, opt for an accommodation advertised in one of these Facebook groups:

Accommodation Logement Dublin

geralt / Pixabay

Keep in mind to comment below the accommodation post on Facebook. Let also the property advertiser know that you have sent them a private message to arrange a viewing.

Otherwise, a big majority of accommodation is advertised through letting agencies on these sites:

However, if you are student,  check the 'student room' section of previously mentioned sites. You could also opt for college campus accommodation or student housing:

When it comes to payments, be extra careful. If the person you contact tells you that he/she is traveling a lot, watch out! NEVER, NEVER pay a rent/deposit NOR SIGN ANY CONTRACTS in advance, let alone if you have not visited the apartment beforehand.

Finally, if there's a place that you like, do not go away saying you have to think about it! Chances are the accommodation will be gone! Have all documents and money prepared to book it! Check these helpful tips found in a Reddit forum, so that you don't miss opportunities.

Accommodation Logement Dublin

La crise du logement en Irlande et particulièrement à Dublin. C'est par conséquent très difficile de trouver un appartement (ou une maison). Les prix des loyers sont aussi très élevés. Préparez-vous à cela!

Donc, si vous vivez à l'étranger et planifier de déménager à Dublin, vous aurez besoin de vous préparer avant votre départ d'avion pour éviter de mauvaises surprises.

Tout d'abord, assurez-vous de réserver à l'avance en fonction de votre budget une chambre dans une auberge de jeunesse, un Bed & Breakfast ou un Hôtel. 

Rappelez-vous que ces types de hébergements peuvent être complets lors des weekends ou évènements spéciaux.

Prévoyez une semaine voire même deux semaines de réservation d'un hébergement court-terme pour vous donner du temps pour trouver un endroit plus permanent. Cela vous épargnera du stress inutile! 

Pour tous les hébergements mentionnés ci-dessous,  vous pouvez consulter leurs évaluations ou classements et faire votre réservation:

Ensuite, quand vous commencer chercher un endroit où rester pour quelques mois ou quelques années, soyez ouverts d'esprit!

Recherchez aussi bien en centre-ville qu'aux alentours. Voici un article qui explique la division de Dublin en quartiers

Vérifiez aussi ces sites pour voir si les transports publics sont proches de votre logement:

Pensez à vérifier les directions et distances sur Google Maps.

Je sais que votre première réaction est de trouver un endroit économique. Mais ne pensez pas comme cela, ou vous risquerez de vous retrouver dans un quartier à risque.

Les endroits que je vous conseillerai d'éviter sont:

  • Dublin 1 dans certains quartiers plus au Nord du quartier. Près de la rivière, cela est généralement ok.                                     
  • Dublin 8 vers les quartiers de Portobello/ Kilmainham/Houston Station                             
  • Hors centre-ville: Mulhuddart, Tallaght, Finglas,  Ballyfermot, Crumlin, Clondalkin.

Maintenant, si vous voulez économiser un peu d'argent en étant directement en relation avec les propriétaires, optez pour un logement publié dans un de ces groupes Facebook:

Si vous choisissez cette option, n'oubliez pas de commenter sous l'article du logement. Indiquez-leur aussi que vous leur avez envoyé un message privé pour arranger une visite.

Sinon, la majorité des logements est publiée par le biais d'agences de location sur ces sites:

Cependant, si vous êtes étudiant, vérifiez la section  'student room' des sites précédemment mentionnés. Vous pouvez aussi opter pour le campus d'une des facs' ou un logement étudiant:

En ce qui concerne le paiment du loyer, soyez vigilants! Si la personne vous dit qu'elle voyage souvent, c'est un avertissement à la fraude! NE JAMAIS JAMAIS PAYER un loyer ou une quittance OU SIGNER UN CONTRAT à l'avance, surtout si vous n'avez pas au préalable visiter l'appartement!

Enfin, si vous visitez un logement et que vous l'aimez, ne partez pas en disant je vais y réfléchir!

Il y a des chances que vous perdiez le logement! Ayez aussi tous les documents et l'argent prêts pour réserver le logement!

Jettez un oeil à ces astuces utiles trouvées dans une conversation de forum Reddit qui vous permettront de ne pas rater d'opportunités.


Fundraising Music Events

BlueFire Street Festival 2017 – music and dance in videos

This year, we got a little unlucky for the Bluefire Street Festival because it was ☔ the whole day. So, fair play to festival organisers, volunteers, festival-goers and street performers who put up with the rain!👏On the main stage, there were a little luckier as they were sheltered from the rain.

However, this didn’t prevent us from attending it and it was enjoyable despite the bad weather conditions.

I have taken pictures of the programme from this year’s festival as well as street art murals, circus performers on stilts, a stage music performance (Ronix), a youth talk from the Girl Crew and the welcome tent. Take a look at this slideshow to view the pictures. If you’d like to find out more information about the performers at BlueFire Street Festival, take a look at their website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also filmed this new school hip-hop street dance performer that replaced Sam Gabriel. If you’d like to follow Des Ebelle on Facebook as well, check his page here.

Finally, I spent most of my time watching the Venezuelan singer Ronix featuring Allegro andante band on the main stage playing Latin fusion sounds like merengue, bachata… Their infectious latino rhythms kept us on our feet!

If you would like to follow them, you can find them on Facebook at Ronix and Allegro andante show band.

I have filmed two long videos and a shorter one, which I hope you will enjoy!

If you have taken more pictures or videos, share their links with us in the comment box below!

Fundraising Music Events

Belgian Hip-Hop History Exhibition and Festival 2017 in Brussels

Before heading off for a few days in Brussels, Belgium, I did a bit of research about what was on during my stay. I fell upon the following PDF article from Bozar and visit.Brussels about a Belgian Hip-Hop History Exhibition and Festival 2017.

That article teased my curiosity and 👀 I decided to check Bozar’s website further. When you visit their homepage, you will be given the option to select between French (FR), English (EN) or Dutch (NL) languages before landing on the programme page.

If you are interested in Hip Hop history from the very beginnings in the USA to its export and expansion in Belgium, you’ll be enjoying this post!


The hip-hop festival organisors enabled online booking. If you had booked online, printed or showed the online booking on your phone, you were entitled to:

  • get a free coffee upon order of a pastry
  • get a free glass of wine of a meal.

Yo Hip Hop exhibition E-ticket

However, if you were not around for that period of time, don’t worry, I will take you through the exhibition by sharing with you few pictures and videos. 😉 (I can’t talk about the other programmed events, though).

When I entered the Centre for Fine Arts, there was a screen showing a b-boy doing few moves and also providing visitors with dance tutorials on basic b-boying steps. Take a look at some of the video snippets filmed with Snapchat!




After that, I walked up the stairs to enter the exhibition area, which was a mix of audio, visuals, and videos explaining the hip-hop movement history. There was a big screen displaying a film of all world b-boying dance competitions.

Then, the exhibition went through the hip-hop evolution in all its forms, i.e music, arts and dance.

Again, everything was translated into French, Dutch, and English. Please note however that for some of the pieces, I couldn’t get the whole translated text in pictures.

Remember that you can pause each picture in the slideshow to read the information. You will find 2 short videos below this slideshow showcasing:

  • B-girls dancing,
  • Stromae singing
  • Rab djing.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the very end of the exhibition, they had a 360 degrees screen showing different clips simultaneously.

I have recorded few bits of the main ones:

I hope you learnt a few things about the hip-hop evolution.

Any of you want to volunteer to translate into English the few pieces that do not have a translation?





Marketing/Sales and Entrepreneurship

WordPress – Search Engine Optimisation beyond Yoast plug-in

I recently joined a friendly and interesting networking meetup group in Dublin organised by Marcin Kilarski, Rodolfo Melogli and Amit Wadhwa. That specific meetup was about WordPress Search Engine Optimisation beyond Yoast plug-in.

The presentation was given by Peter Lawless, sales and marketing expert, coach, mentor, trainer, TV & Radio presenter and published author. He is also a business founder.

It was followed by a Q & A by a panel of WordPress experts with:

  • Amit Wadhwa (Founder, Lead developer at
  • Rodolfo Melogli (WooCommerce expert at
  • Peter Lawless (Search Engine Optimisation and Marketer at


In summary, the meetup topics were as follow:

• Is WordPress without SEO like a Shop in the middle of a Forest?

• Is an SEO Plugin, such as Yoast the answer to all your problems?

• How to Set SEO Titles in Just Two Steps

• The 3 Cardinal Sins of Black Hat SEO

• 5 SEO DIY Tips beyond Yoast

• “If you had just 15 minutes to SEO a website, how would you spend them?”

• The Financial Case to Hiring an SEO expert – (Our Secret SEO ROI Calculator).

Please find the presentation below and some additional information based on this slideshow (you can pause it to read) and the Q&A with the experts’ panel:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When Peter says ‘think like a customer‘, he means that you should use simple everyday language to write/talk to people.

He gave an example of the ‘Green eggs and ham’ children book written by Dr Seuss, which is using 50 words or less. In other terms, do not use over-complicated and sophisticated terms such as ‘refrain from..’.

What are ‘meta tags’?

Meta tags are used in HTML and XHTML documents to provide structured metadata about a Web page. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata. For more information on how meta tags can impact SEO, have a read of this article:

Choose wisely your categories in your articles to reflect the content of your posts.

When talking about the 5 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) DIY tips, we have to give something of value to people such as free information to get them interested in our products or services.

For those who work as event organisers, you need to act as a go-to-place like Trip Advisor by helping people looking for your service.

Regarding the call to action, make sure it’s available on every page.

The call to action on the home page shouldn’t be a sales one, but instead a form to fill in and provide contact information. Ensure you clearly explain to your customers what you want them to do and why.

As you start writing, podcasting, filming…, always remember that the content matters the most. So think content first and SEO second.

Remember about cultural differences in terms of languages (eg different slangs in the UK, US and IE), as thinking about the customer language helps to get people to convert more easily. You can also link your .com website to your other sites. Before you start, ask yourself the following questions, in other terms find your niche:

What is the main goal for my blog? What are people looking for and interested in? What are the best things you like about my service? 

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Create content suitable to your audience (long for Business to Business and short for Business to Customer, complex topics mean generally longer content)
  2. Ask customers if they want to buy
  3. Collect addresses.

Pay attention to the design of your site by UX testing.

For example, avoid heavy high-resolution pictures, too detailed pictures as it’s not telling the story and it’s also adding loading time to your website. When designing your website, think about the customer journey that goes through the following stages: excitement, knowledge and learning.

You also have the option to use advertising to boost the visibility of your blog or website but this should only be a cheap and short-time solution.

If you go down that route, you can kick off an Adword campaign for 3-6 months to get traffic and do some split tests meta description/title. The most clicked on ads should become your headlines. Do not ever pay someone to be linked to someone else’s website/blog!

Another better option, though, would be to go through affiliate marketing as it’s far more valuable than advertising.

Nonetheless, SEO is your best bet for a more long-term strategy.

For a better SEO optimisation, use a long-tail description with minimum 3-4 words. You can also boost your visibility through a joint press release for example.

When you set up your Google Business account and blog/site, make sure your contact details are consistent through all 3rd party websites: name, address, phone number.

Add a picture that Google will link on google map. You must have as well a table of content  (map.xml) with no duplicated content and put appropriate tags on the sitemap. Otherwise, you’ll have to have a good navigation menu.

When you monitor your traffic, you can monitor your clicks and check your google ranking with Alexa, Google  Search Console, SimilarWeb (

Finally, you can calculate how much your SEO is worth with this tool:

Do you have any questions? Any tips you’d like to add to this? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Fundraising Music Events

Hotter than July 2017 World Music Festival in videos

This year, the Hotter than July 2017 World Music Festival has been organised by Improvised Music Company, Big Bang Festival and Dublin City Council.

hotter than july programme

Unfortunately, on the day, it was pretty rainy, so I missed part of it for this reason! ☔

However, I listened and filmed the last 3 bands who performed at the event! 😃😉 If any of you have filmed other bands, feel free to share the links in the comment box! 👍 In the meantime, enjoy the slideshow below!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although I had filmed live the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers, the video didn’t save on my phone. 😞

So, let me share with you a video of them taken at a different event. They gave a very similar performance at Hotter than July festival.

You can follow them on Facebook at

Do you start feeling the 🔥? Well, this continued throughout the afternoon. All bands were really energetic and good!

Now comes the live performance from Manden Express that I uploaded just for you on YouTube! 🎁💗

You can follow them at

Finally, the last band La Chiva Gantiva spent literally their stage time jumping around! 💪

I’m sharing you video snippets and then the almost entire song as audio track!

You can follow them at

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Marketing/Sales and Entrepreneurship

How to get better Twitter reach and followers with these 3 new tools


Are you using Twitter to get more leads and clients? If so, this may interest you in. 

As you know, social media networks are constantly competing with each other for attention and researching new features and tools to get more businesses in the door. Twitter is no different! Twitter has followed suit with Instagram and Facebook marketing strategies and has launched a tagging feature allowing you to mention some Twitter accounts to get their attention to your post.

But it’s not always showing up when you are creating a post! There is a trick for that! To trigger that option, you need to add one or several video(s) or picture(s) from your desktop or mobile phone. I will show you how later on in this post how to do this. In the meantime, remember that, although adding a photo or video isn’t quite a new feature, the power of visuals must never be underestimated! Here is why:

the importance of visuals in social media

The other feature they have added is the description or caption you can write under your uploaded image or video explaining what your post is about for the visually impaired followers.

Now let me show you in practice how it works.

First, you type in the empty field your title, your blog post or website link and 2 most relevant hashtags for your topic, which will get your audience interested in reading your article.

Once you’ve done that, click on the following symbol under your text to upload photo(s) or video(s)upload a video or picture to your twitter post

You will then see appearing the following sentence below your picture: ‘Who’s in this photo?‘. See below screenshot as an example:

blog post for twitter adding mentions tags

You will need to click on this symbol to tag a Twitter user in your blog post: tag twitter users in your post To tag someone, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Who’s in this photo’ sentence and type the name of the person you want to be tagged in your post. Obviously, it may be helpful to know their twitter handle but you may find it by searching their name as well. You can tag several Twitter handles if the post targets different users. See below example:

blog posts on new tag feature shown in my post

Before you click on tweet button you may think about adding a description to your photo(s) or video(s), so that the visually impaired people know what your picture or post is about. As the example below shows, you have the following white text displayed just below your image: ‘Add description‘. Click on it to add a caption to your photo.

photo showing option to add description

Once you click on this sentence/field, your post will pop like this:

the add description box for pictures shared on twitter

Once you have added your description or caption, click on: apply button to apply the changes to your picture. Once you are finished, you can tweet your post. The added caption/description will not be visible to you but will be available to visually impaired users.

Have you noticed other useful twitter features or tools that may be useful to get more followers or higher reach? If so, leave a comment in the below box! 


Marketing/Sales and Entrepreneurship

How to skyrocket your product or service sales

I attended on 5th July 2017 an event in Dublin organised by ‘Tech Sales Hookups’ giving tips on how to increase your sales with live video and personal lead.


You will find the link to the advertised event in the SlideShare description I will provide you with in this post! I thought this could be useful to some of you and decided to do a write-up on it! I will share with you what is, in my eyes, the most relevant information for you! 💡

There were 3 speakers at the event:

  • Grazina Orlovska from e-Frontier recruitment agency told us that the most sought out jobs for companies are in the sales field and talked about the recruitment process for such roles
  • Greg Fry from Careers Coach and Social Media Trainer talked about how to increase your sales by leveraging live videos
  •  Vlad Goloshchuk, CEO and founder at focused on increasing conversion rates in Business to Business (B2B) sales.


All of them reminded us that to be a good salesperson, you need to be extroverted, enthusiastic, perseverant, convincing and excel at building relationships with your influencers. People will buy from you because they like you. So you need to become the likeable person they are feeling connected with.

I will move directly onto the conversation Greg had with us in addition to the above slides from his presentation.

Greg Fry advised us that video should be an integral part of the sales process, as it’s the quickest and most effective way to build a relationship. He reminded us the 3 core principles of selling a product or service:

  1. Connect with your audience
  2. Communicate with your audience
  3. Build a relationship with your audience.

He gave an example of ‘the happy pear’ Irish based company, which is successful at building a relationship through live videos on snapchat.

In order to sell more, it’s important to promote your live videos beforehand and distribute your created content to people through multiple platforms, i.e social networks and emails. When doing live videos, make sure you interact with your audience by asking questions.

He also specified the use of different video format:

  • live videos: interact with your audience by asking questions
  • customer service videos: reply to the most frequently asked questions from your customers
  • video teasers: create these teasers for the launch of new products or services
  • crowdsourcing videos: connect with your clients and suppliers and answer their questions.

You can create these videos from home with the use of free Open Broadcaster Sofware such as and cheap webinar system such as 

To get a higher reach, you can use Facebook Ads to promote your live videos and re-purpose them by sharing them on the different platforms. You can also create content in multiple formats and provide your customers with the choice to select the format they like most, eg Audio, Video or Text/Transcript.

Depending on whether your company caters to Business Clients (B2B) or Private Consumers (B2C), you may choose a different channel. For eg, for B2B companies, YouTube may be the most appropriate channel, while for B2C the most appropriate one would be Facebook Lives and Instagram stories. In terms of video length, videos for Facebook should last around 90 seconds, on Twitter 45 seconds, on Instagram max 1 minute and on Youtube, it can range from 5 to 50 minutes depending on your audience.

Want to check how you are doing in terms of Social Selling? Click here to measure your sales success with Social Selling Index

Vlad Goloshchuk talked more specifically about personal lead in a sales environment.  He advised to pay attention to the structure of your call/email/sales pitch and follow these guidelines:

  • Identify yourself
  • Sell your services/products benefits
  • Be credible
  • Have a call to action.

He added that the most successful format for B2B sales is Email Marketing. Indeed, Email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers. The email subject line of 3-4 words must provide the client with your company name and the benefits your company will give to their business. You also need to make sure not to send unsolicited emails, i.e emails sent in bulk, as this is illegal. You need to send an individual and customised email to each client.

He also explained the importance of following-up with clients until they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by asking them questions such as ‘what is stopping you from working with us?’.  You must provide business value and your service or product must be related to the same of business your client is into.










Fundraising Music Events

Catch up with Femi Kuti’s live concert in Dublin (Ireland)


Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti (born 16 June 1962), popularly known as Femi Kuti, is a Nigerian musician born in London and raised in Lagos. He is the eldest son of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Femi’s musical career started when he began playing in his father’s band, Egypt 80. In 1986, Femi started his own band, Positive Force, and began establishing himself as an artist independent of his father’s massive legacy.

Since then, he has continued playing the music style his father was famous for, i.e afrobeat. Afrobeat can be defined as ‘a complex fusion of jazzfunk, Ghanaian/Nigerian highlifepsychedelic rock and traditional West African chants and rhythms.’ 🎷🎺🎸🎹🎤

Femi also follows his father’s legacy by being strongly committed to social and political causes, as you can notice in his songs’ lyrics as well as his website: 💗

In this article you can see how engaged he is with the issues Nigerian people are currently facing: 😭😡

Nigerian musician Femi Kuti urges stars, fans to focus on Boko Haram victims

Do you like his music? Why not download a few songs or buy some of his CDs on Amazon: 👇💿💰

Femi Kuti’s music on Amazon

Now, let me share with you few videos from his live concert at The Academy, Dublin (Ireland) on Saturday 8th July 2017!!🔥 Since these videos were originally Facebook Live Streams, the quality may not be optimum for YouTube. 😳😓 I would recommend you to watch them from your mobile phone, as they have been filmed with my iPhone for mobile phone users! 😉 Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with upcoming videos!👍