Fehdah: Live Show, Niwel Tsumbu Sounds and Afrobeat Club

I won tickets for the Fehdah live show, Niwel Tsumbu Sounds and Afrobeats Club through a Facebook competition last Friday 17th February 2018.

It was a lively and entertaining night with afro music ruling it!

The night started with a guest support from Niwel Tsumbu. He is a Congolese guitarist playing sounds derived from rhumba, soukous, jazz… On that night, he was accompanied by Irish djembé player Eamonn Cagney.

If you like his music, like his Facebook fan page or follow his Instagram account.

Niwell Tsumbu

Photo credit: Dublin Enemy No 1 Photography. Videos’ credits: Thorsten Recker and TheConsciousCamera.com.



Then came the main act, Fehdah and her live soulful afrobeat band. Fehdah’s band lead Emma Garnett was previously singing for the Manden Express band. She recently concretised her dream to create her own afro neo-soul band.

If you like her music, like her Facebook fan page.


Photo credits to Michal Grudzinski.

Last but not least, I’m sharing with you audio recordings of Fehdah and Afrobeat DJ Jay Ireland. If you like his music, like his page, too.


Finally, enjoy the last video I made from DJ Jay Ireland!


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