‘Oldskool’ hip hop cover band live recording!

This Saturday 18th March 2017, for the Saint Patrick’s weekend, we had the pleasure to be entertained by a 7 piece live ‘oldskool’ hip hop band joining the dots from The Sugar Hill to Dr Dre to Eminem at The Sugar Club, Dublin 1 (Ireland)!

For the old school hip hop music nostalgic who couldn’t attend, you’ll be able to catch up with these oh so lovely oldskool tunes in videos 🎢✌!

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If you don’t quite know what defines old school hip hop music , check this article:


Now, let me start with a snippet of their show recorded on Instagram. If you like it, follow me back on Insta 😘!

These videos below were initially recorded live on Periscope on @emelinej1 (Twitter live streaming service) and Facebook live but I have edited them a bit and uploaded them on YouTube just for you πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰!

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