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How to become a technically good singer with vocal lessons

As I usually like discovering new music, dance styles and techniques in video formats, I came across some really interesting videos about vocal techniques and how to use your voice effectively to sing better, while sparing your voice.


So, for those who aren’t familiar with vocal techniques and notes, I’d recommend you to start reading this article on Wikipedia. This will give you a better understanding of what will be talked about later on in this blog post.



As you may know, some singers are able to sing higher notes or even have a whistle register,. Yet they may use improper vocal techniques resulting in voice damages over time.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t good singers any longer, but that they can’t hit the same notes they used to. With better practice, they may recover part of their register, though. Here are few examples of singers who damaged their voice :


Now let’s move to what is considered good or bad techniques.

A bad technique can be summarised by a lack of singing warming-up and over-pushing some of the notes.

Good singers using good techniques usually follow healthy lifestyles and have a dedicated vocal coach to train their voices for performances or studio recordings. Here, in this video, Céline Dion talks about vocal warming-up and compare it to the way dancers warm-up their bodies before performances:

Now, here is a video that shows you what is bad or good technique. If you aren’t willing to listen to their sales pitch (lol), fast-forward to 1.09 minute:

A little bit more of technicalities of voice placement and tone/timber:


Now let’s move to the actual lessons! Ready? These are obviously basics to start with but you’ll find more videos like this from this gentleman if you subscribe to his YouTube channel:

Finally, for a bit of fun, you may want to check what kind of vocal range and abilities famous singers have on this website:


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