‘Wildstyle’ film clip and US/Irish DJ set of breakbeats makers


You may not have watched the ‘Wildstyle’ film nor attended the breakbeats makers event  at The Sugar Club, Dublin (2015) showcasing DJs:

  • Mek (Ireland),
  • DJ Peanut Butter Wolf (USA)
  • Breakbeat Lou (USA).

But, don’t worry, you can catch up with most of the event now!


As a young kid growing up in San Jose, Chris Manak sought out an escape from suburban life in the Silicon Valley.

He took on the name Peanut Butter Wolf in the late-80s when he realized that a girlfriend’s youngest brother feared the “peanut butter wolf monster” more than death itself.

After the release of Peanut Butter Breaks, PB Wolf found himself in demand as a producer. His track for the all-scratching compilation Return of the DJ was labelled “incredible” by The Source magazine.

In 1996, Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw Records. Lately, PB Wolf has moved away from producing (save the odd remix or compilation track) to build the Stones Throw label and to travel as a DJ to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and across the US.


Louis Flores better known as BreakBeat Lou is a staple and legend in the music/entertainment industry. Starting as disc jockey 1974, he turned professional in 1981 when he also began his production career. Louis is one of the few that can make the statement that they had over 20 years successful in the industry.

He has worked in every facet from The Ultimate Breaks and Beats Compilation to the late Leonard “BreakBeat Lenny” Roberts. This legendary series has been sampled by many of hip-hop’s elite producers.

Contemporary producers such as the late J Dilla, Salaam Remi and Just Blaze to name a few, continue to heavily sample the compilation.


Pete Mescalero, professionally known by his stage name DJ Mek, is an Irish award-winning hip-hop DJ/turntablist and producer. He has won 5 Irish national Disco Mix Club championships and remixed/produced artists like Ian Brown.

In 1989, DJ Mek became the first DJ from the Republic of Ireland to enter the U.K. DMC Championships and went on to win 5 Irish national titles.

His group ScaryEire were the first Irish rap act to be signed to a major label. He retired from competitive mixing competitions in 2000 and contributed a monthly Megamix to RTÉ 2fm from 2000 to 2012.


If you want more information about the Grandmaster Flash, the DJ behind the ‘Wildstyle‘ film, please check the following articles:




Although I will not be able to share with you the full ‘Wildstyle’ film nor breakdancer videos, you can still enjoy this film clip and DJs’ recorded videos:

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