2009 ‘B-Girl’ US film free viewing on YouTube!

Although this may not be the most popular film and reviews are quite mixed, I must say it is an enjoyable, inspiring and empowering film to watch for aspiring b-girls and female rappers!

B-Girl is a 2009 dance film written and directed by Emily Dell and starring Julie Urich, Missy Yager, Wesley Jonathan, Drew Sidora, Aimee Garcia, James Martinez and based on director Emily Dell’s 2004 short film of the same name.

b-girl film main character Julie Urich acting as 'Angel'

The story goes as follows. In Brooklyn, Angel is a break dancer who lives with her mother Gabby. Her abusive boyfriend Hector won’t accept that she wants to break up. One night Angel and her best friend Rosie trade hats and jackets and Hector fatally stabs Rosie thinking she is Angel. When he realizes his mistake he stabs Angel too. Rosy dies and Angel is heavily injured. After many weeks of recovery, Angel wants to break dance again but is having difficulty. Gabby moves with Angel to Los Angeles to live with Angel’s grandmother, where she believes Angel will be safe. Angel gets a night job at a car rental company and goes to college during the day. She also joins a group of break dancers who need a sixth member to compete. An outsider in this male-dominated world, she has to claim her place in the circle, first by performing a lyrical rap poem at a huge break competition and then by competing at the same competition in an amazing display of dance artistry and skill.

You can watch it on YouTube (see below free viewing video). You may also order it as a DVD or buy film merchandise on the following online shop: http://bgirlmovie.bigcartel.com/

If interested, you can read this interview with the main female character Julie ‘Jules’ Urich:


For full cast information and the making of the film, check out these links:



Finally, if you like the film soundtrack, you can listen to it with the music player integrated in the previously mentioned online shop home page and search on YouTube for songs. Since they aren’t all that commercial you may not find everything on YouTube, though!


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