Theo Parrish, his band and dancers – Teddy’s Get Down 2014 live show at Sugar Club, Dublin (Ireland)

Theo Parrish is a musician and selector based in Detroit, Michigan, often described as a ‘techno/house’ artist. He was born in Washington D.C. in 1972. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois listening to jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and George Gershwin. He began spinning and producing tracks in 1986, at the age of thirteen… After graduating from the Academy for the Arts, he received a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute. In 1994, he received a BA’s Degree of Fine Arts from KCAI with a concentration in Sound Sculpture, a form of orchestration using live instruments, looped recordings, the human voice, and numerous other sound generating devices.Theo Parrish can fuse the rhythmic, disco-based pulse of Chicago house with the modernist soul of Detroit techno, while at the same time pointing to a lineage in black music that runs directly from Sun Ra to Sound Signature.

Theo Parrish DJ

Theo Parrish came to give a live performance in Dublin on Thursday 19th July 2014 with a full band and dancers for the first time in 10 years. Check out below the slideshow photos, videos and mixed tape taken of this live event and feel free to follow me on Youtube, Soundcloud or WordPress!

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