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Cirkafrica – an african circus

I have recently been watching this amazing African circus on a French channel and would like to share with you a snippet of the show as well as information about its storyline, artists, tour dates, etc…

This circus is employing 50 artists, musicians, dancers, acrobats, contortionists, diabolos, jugglers, acrobatic balancing, tap-dancing, gum boots, hoops, bouncing balls, aerobatics, foot jugglers across Africa. Similarly to Le Cirque du Soleil’s concept, this circus doesn’t make use of animals.

The show lasts 2 hours and tells the story of José, an absent-minded pilot, who crashes lands in an unknown place that turns out to be Africa. Is he confronted by true hostile elements or is he simply conditioned by clichés? You will discover that once his fears are dispelled, he approaches the indigenous people who, in turn, also set aside their reservations to build a friendship with the pilot that will lead to the true fraternity.

These African artists are touring in many places in France until the end of February 2013. For more information, check out this link and click on “réserver” and again on that same button next to the date and place of your choice to access the different rates (click on “dates suivantes” at the bottom of the list to view all available show dates/places): 

Finally, you will find below the teaser advertisement as well as a video reportage about the artists, their background/country of residence, how they trained and got recruited.

Anybody tempted to go and watch one of their shows, now?

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