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Groovalizacion world music downloadable podcasts

I have been getting to know through nights out in Dublin a nice world music website called It has quite a few nice blogs and podcasts on it recorded in the “Podcasts” tab.

After a bit of playing around, i have been able to get the tracks i liked the most from the following podcast: Mosaico 069: Music Crossroads International & Nyali.

For those of you, who only want to download the same podcast without hassle, here is the direct link to the downloadable version:

Otherwise, if like me, you want to go through the search process to download your tracks, just check out the following contact blog link below the podcast:

Once you are in the blog, scroll down and click on the purple word link “o descargar aquí el programa”. It will bring you to the following free file hosting website, where you will have the option to download the podcast to itunes (you can also download itunes for free on the internet).

From there you can also save the file on your desktop if you want to send it to a different music player, like for example windows media player, and sync the file to your mp3 or iPod player.

And i am sure you can also find other podcasts from other websites on this mediafire file hosting site, as well as sharing them with others on different social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, myspace…so worth checking it out:)!

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