About Me


Emeline JONET

My name is Emeline JONET and I am based in Dublin (Ireland).

I’m a Part-Time Content Writer and Community Manager.

I am multilingual (French, English, German, Italian).

I enjoy blogging on multiple topics such as:

I have been managing the ‘Fundraising Music Events’ online community since as far back as 2010 as well as blogging about this topic for about the same timeframe.

In terms of community management, you can find me on all the main social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Slideshare. You will be able to access to these by clicking on the social media buttons at the very bottom of any pages of this site.

As mentioned above, I have also blogged about the ‘branding’ topic for a company called ‘Anarium’, on behalf of which I have also managed their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

As a secondary activity, I occasionally organise offline events such as marketing networking events and fundraising music gigs in Dublin, Ireland. You will find the marketing networking events advertised in this section.

If you would like to hire me, please go to this section to get in touch.